Was ist PSD2?

Since December 2008, 2020 online payments are even more protected thanks to the new European PSD2 regulation which introduces new rules for authentication.

Indeed, starting from April 1, 2021 authentication during the payment phase has become the norm on all payments over € 100, at the least.

Your shopping experience will always remain fast and safe, you’ll simply need to confirm your identity every time you make an online payment by entering a temporary code or using your fingerprint on your bank’s app.

Remember that every banking institution will apply new and different authentication methods. So, don’t forget to contact your bank to activate this service.

Below you will find a brief infographic that will guide you through each step of the new payment methods. For more details, please contact our Customer Service.
PSD - Step1

1- Proceed with your order

After adding your products to the cart, enter your shipping, billing and payment details.

PSD- Step 2

2- Notification

Once you get to the payment stage, you will receive a notification to authenticate with the new methods, in accordance with the PSD2 regulation.


3- Authorize the payment

Each banking institution will have its own authentication method, such as a temporary code or using your fingerprint on your bank’s app.


4 – Order confirmation

Your order will be confirmed, and you’ll just have to wait for it at home!

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