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Digital e-Gift Card

Gift yourself or give the gift of style!
With a Marina Militare Sportswear digital e-Gift Card, you can give the perfect gift to someone special or reward yourself for all the occasions you want, saving time but above all maximising comfort.

You will be able to choose the ideal garment or the trendy accessory by purchasing on our online site wherever you want and whenever you want via desk, mobile or APP: unleash your imagination and satisfy your every need.

What is the digital e-GIFT CARD?
Our e-GIFT CARD is a gift voucher represented by a virtual card, original Marina Militare Sportswear, customisable in value and design, ideal for celebrating all the best moments!

The card is created according to your choice of graphics from our many fun proposals. It is then associated with a discount code that will allow the recipient to shop on our platform.

In this way, you will be able to freely use your credit in whole or in part, choosing the collection item you prefer.

Fulfil every wish at any time and at your fingertips!

Everything you need to know about buying digital e-Gift Cards:

  • Where can it be used? Your e-Gift Card can only be purchased and used in our official online shop www.marinamilitare-sportswear.com.
  • You can choose the amount you want from those offered or allocate the amount you wish to.
  • Have fun choosing the correct styling from the many available.
  • You can use your Marina Militare Sportswear e-Gift Card to make full or partial payments on any amount in your basket.
  • The amount spent will be deducted from your e-Gift Card, and any remaining balance will be made available for your next purchase.
  • Once the credit has been used up, the card will no longer be valid. It will be an excellent opportunity to buy a new one and discover new formats each time.
  • Not expendable at physical points of sale
  • Not subject to discounts, nor refundable.

Have we convinced you?

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For every particular moment, anniversary, birthday, or party to celebrate, choose your E-GIFT CARD, charging it with the amount you want. Buy your E-GIFT CARD now!

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