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Marina Militare Sportswear for men, women and children, is a brand inspired by the world of The Navy, a reality made of passion and sense of self-denial, history and prestige that tells about strong emotions and passes on a very timely tradition.

Stylistic research and styling draw on the values of which The Italian Navy is custodian and are part of its history. They are real, widespread and strongly crystallized in collective imaginary values,

they are a way of feeling, living, dreaming, accepting challenges and overcoming the limits. A modern interpretation that puts the man in the middle, a man of integrity, true and human.

The emblem, that includes the heraldic symbols of The Four Maritime Republics, Venice, Genoa, Pisa and Amalfi is, with the Italian tricolor flag, a witness of Italian history, its men, our roots and carriers of peace.

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Marina Militare

Marina Militare is the flagship line and represents a true and unmistakable style inspired by ancients fleets, where the care of details and comfort come together harmonically in a perfect duality.

The color palette of the Marina Militare Sportswear focus on different shades of blue, from the navy to pale blue, white and grey.

Classic and reassuring colors, combined with a mix of notes of red, yellow and green.

Refined design, unconditional freedom and a great love for sea life: this is the world signed Marina Militare Sportswear.

A style looks to the future but does not forget the past traditions.

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Marina Militare

Aviazione Navale

Aviazione Navale is synonymous with excellency and technology combined with passion for Flying. A look without more horizons where the blue of the sea blends with the blue of the sky.

The Aviazione Navale collection is inspired by urban style with particular attention to materials and graphics.

Camouflage colors, green army, air force blue but even warmer and brighter colors like red, orange and purple.

A look that is always dynamic and never conventional make this part of the Italian Navy unique.

Nylon bomber jackets, knitwear effect vintage, trousers with refined cuts, convey unparalleled trend and comfort.

MEN’s collection
Aviazione Navale

Brigata Marina San Marco

Dynamism and innovation. Is one of the most advanced corps of the Italian Navy.

Courage, daring, patriotism. His soldiers are our marines, strong heroes, modeled with discipline and pride.

Brigata Marina San Marco is one of the most advanced corps of the Italian Navy and underlines the peculiarity of the actions carried out by these special forces.

The emblem of The Brigata Marina San Marco presents in the middle the icon of the Winged Lion of Saint Mark, a symbol that is historically tied to the city of Venice and to the Navy.

Mini-collection within the Aviazione Navale line, it presents dynamic and modern forms.

A definitely bold style that combines tradition and innovation.

Reggimento San Marco

Amerigo Vespucci

A timeless charm. The flagship of the Italian Navy’s fleet: its unmistakable style excites and conveys a romantic image of the marine.

The Training Ship Amerigo Vespucci of the Naval Academy in Livorno is the most beautiful ship in the world.

A sailing ship, where the students of The Navy learn the art of sailing.

Loyalty, tradition and prestige to shine with ancient beauty: it is the deep love for the sea, based on passion and self-denial.

Capsules of the flagship line Marina Militare, its style is unique, sporty but always elegant and modern.

The blue navy, white, red colors and the iconic sail embroidered, represent at their best a look based on simplicity and tradition.

Amerigo Vespucci

Componente Sommergibili

The magic of the underwater world.
The brand SMG Todaro 5526 is dedicated to the world of submarines.

An underwater world and invisible in constant motion where the sea crew challenges the underwater universe with courage, generosity and sense of duty.

The submariners are “seamen” with a personal and human heritage full of humility and courage.

The new Sommergibili's collection consists of garments aimed to comfort and details targeted at functionality.

Basic colors, shaped sizes, graphics and historical marks, are unique characteristics that pay homage to the expertise of the crew of the Italian Navy.

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