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The Boat Builders

The sea is a breath that moves within: a magnetic and ancestral force that moves and shapes everything on its path. Its endless swell becomes a metaphor for the tenacious resilience of men that have forever been following and taming its waves. Man and the sea: a bond that has its roots in respect and passion, moved by the desire to fathom the unknown and reach for infinity – a passion that finds its utmost expression in the art of navigation. With the same tireless perseverance, the industrious hands of the shipwright move like waves over the wooden planks, molding their fibers with mastery and expert gestures that speak of tradition, craftmanship and excellence.

Starring in the new Marina Militare Sportswear 2021 Spring-Summer campaign, two boat builders are captured in the authentic setting of their daily work. The bright and lofty halls of the La Spezia Naval Base provide the historic backdrop for the artisanal rituals performed by the two men, who lent themselves as the exclusive interpreters of the new Marina Militare collection. Essential, yet instantly iconic – the essence of the latest Spring-Summer collection is expressed in striking variations on the theme in polo shirts, t-shirts, pants and fleece jackets, embodying the Brand’s unmistakable sporty attitude and authentic flair. Let us now be transported by the sound of the sea and the scent of wood, and watch our protagonists at work in the La Spezia dockyard.

Dawn is breaking in through the large windows of the dockyard. From afar, only the sea’s whisper. A magical moment of quiet and silence before getting down to work. The timeless elegance of navy blue and white of this crewneck t-shirt stands in harmonious contrast with the warm, rusty hues of the cotton pants, for an essential yet stunning outfit recalling the rich vintage lacquers adorning the hulls of ancient boats.

Each component is unique, as individually crafted by the expert hands of the men who know its every grain. At the center of the scene, the heraldic crests of the four historic maritime republics – pride and symbol of the Brand – stand out on the white, lightweight-cotton t-shirts.

At sea, nothing is left to chance. Polished and finished with care, each vessel is perfected following a protocol of meticulous attention to detail. The same goes for the iconic Marina Militare garments: a contemporary interpretation of the distinctive nautical style, synonymous with quality, comfort and functionality.

Navy blue, white and scarlet highlights: the soft fleece jackets and polo shirts in the new Spring-Summer collection speak of effortless elegance.

Work hard, play hard... The lens captures the two protagonists as they playfully compete in an arm-wrestling match. The minimalistic, embroidered emblems stand out as sophisticated and distinctive details on the plain t-shirts from our basic collection.

The afternoon sun draws the two men out on the quay of the dockyard. The classic nautical-inspired pattern featuring blue and white stripes is reinterpreted in a modern deconstructed version, characterized by essential geometric shapes and striking contrasts. Classic matching five-pocket pants round up the casual look.

The majestic dry dock of the La Spezia Naval Base provides the backdrop for an equally iconic look. The red polo shirt with white embroidered details radiates the vibrant colors of an Italian summer and blends them with the unmistakable style of Marina Militare.

Harmonious, well-balanced shapes: the hallmark of Italian style in arts and crafts since time immemorial. Here, every line is traced according to the formal principles of beauty and proportions. In our garments, that same intention translates into essential shapes and a perfect fit, just like these crewneck t-shirts in the new collection.

Life at sea requires those who embrace it to reinvent themselves as universal men, putting their manual skills to the service of the most diverse applications. Quickly mended, our sail can now be hoisted back on the mast and blown in the wind as the regal Italian flag adorning the back of this polo shirt.

The sun begins its descent and the long day of our protagonists is finally drawing to a close. The last sails are placed back in the shed; before the evening falls quietness invades the scene. Time to rest their tired limbs and slip into fresh and cozy cotton garments. A familiar symphony of red, white and blue plays on the staves of the Marina Militare polo shirts.

Marina Militare and Arsenale Militare Marittimo La Spezia

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